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Henriik Level 4
22.1.2019 20:10
Viac z WTF

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She shivered as McTavish moved around behind her, dipping into the paint kettle and daubing blue spirals down her spine and up the sides of her ribcage, his touch electrifying, "But you don't, I take it?"These were the same hands that had killed Reivers and Coalition soldiers alike in some of the most horrible ways imaginable, now tenderly coaxing a most unexpected desire from deep down within her."When we're hunting. The language we speak in Edinburgh now is a form of Gaelic," as McTavish's fingers teased and glided their way down across her buttocks, Tamsin realised her nipples had hardened into taut little buds, "as it used to be all across Scotland." "So we better keep our mouths shut or we'll give ourselves away to your blue friends," Leonid neatly folded the last of his clothes and stood watching, arms folded smugly. There weren't many who could get away with disrespecting Reekies. Leonid was one of a very select few."If only," McTavish muttered so quietly that only Tamsin could hear.Had the Reekie just made a joke? She grinned nervously, partly wishing this embarrassing ordeal could be over, but partly yearning for more intimate contact. What the fuck was wrong with her? She was completely nude and vulnerable in front of two men - two very dear friends and allies, and unbelievably she was getting turned on."Most of us ... live in the castle," McTavish continued as he knelt to decorate the backs of her legs, "it ... was the only high ground when the volcano erupted. Groups from different parts o' the city ... stayed together in different areas. Formed clans if ye like. Cinnidhean."As the Reekie stood to move back around to her front, Tamsin felt something brush the back of her thigh. Something warm and firm. She wondered if McTavish's keen sense of smell had been able to detect her arousal when he'd been crouched so near. And if it had affected him. In all the years she'd known him, Tamsin had never seen him go anywhere near a woman. But she guessed that apart from other Reekies, few would want him to."This won't fool your friends at all will it?" interrupted Leonid bluntly."No," McTavish answered as he applied woad to Tamsin's thighs, "not fer long. But it should make them think before puttin' a fuckin' arrow through yer head."Tamsin breathed in, presenting her chest for McTavish's attention as he stood and moved close. With his back to Leonid, the Reekie began to draw spirals around the silken skin of her breasts. Starting at the inner point of each collar bone, his woad smeared fingertips of both hands circled in ever decreasing circles, each tighter and closer. Surely he could see how engorged her nipples were?