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staromák Zdroj: Canny Czech Memes
Business Level 21
5.1.2019 19:26
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The other spectators nodded in agreement as the pitcher went into his delivery. He was a hard thrower and he put something extra on the next pitch. There was a loud crack as Scooter's bat met the baseball as it crossed the plate. Oohs and aahs echoed across the bleachers as the ball disappeared over the centerfield fence. Tim trotted across the plate and waited for his friend to touch home plate before exchanging high fives.

Gertrude was beaming with pride as her son circled the bases. She glanced over at Brian only to see small tears on his cheeks. He had spent countless hours working on fielding and batting with Tim and her son. His pleasure and pride was almost palpable. Gertrude was extremely grateful for the mentoring Brian had provided her son since their arrival. Horace was growing into a fine young man and Brian had played a huge part in his character development.