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Asi takto to nejak prežívam

Asi takto to nejak prežívam
Nacek Level 9
24.12.2018 20:12
Viac z WTF

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Standing next to her was her exact opposite number in the wildly curvy redhead, Haley Campbell <a href=""></a>. While Brooke was bubbly and effervescent, Haley was surly and the poster child for a resting bitch face. While Brooke was tiny and petite, Haley was half a head taller than her and the very definition of voluptuous, with wide hips and a nice, juicy ass that formed a near perfect hourglass shape with her absolutely insane H-cup tits. With pale skin that complimented her long, straight red hair and ruby red lips, she'd have been a knockout if it weren't for the perpetual bitchy sneer on her face (though she still looked pretty fucking amazing) that always made her look like she thought she had somewhere better to be <a href=""></a>. Dressed in a sexy Mrs. Claus sort of outfit that on her body was even more insanely revealing than Brooke's costume, she was utterly mouth-watering.